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Private Lessons

Get The Benefits Of A Class But All To Yourself

Do you prefer 1 to 1 training? Dog doesn't get on with other dogs? Our private lessons are great for whatever the reason.

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Sport DOG CLasses

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Monthly Meet Up's!

Do you love outings with your dog?

Your are in for a treat! This is open to literally everyone. Member and non-members. Every month we will be hosting events for dogs and owners to meet outside our classes. This is a chance to speak to us about our classes. Get to know what Doggy Club is all about. Members to share what they love about our club and also for all our Doggy Members to have fun! From puppocinno's, walks, taster sesssions and even owner only outings. We really do want to build a community for everyone

Dog Contest

Dog Agility

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Dog Walks

Adventure Time for Your Dog

Do you hate walking your dog in the rain? Are you not able to get your dog out as often as you would like? Our team of walkers will take your dog for a walk no matter the weather

Dog Walker
Dog Friends